Why only industrial and commercial farms?

Because of the chronic forex shortage, the Ethiopian government this week has come with an unprecedented decision that orders banks to prioritize foreign exchange provision only for those engaged in the industrial and commercial farm sectors which includes horticulture, floriculture and large scale agriculture farms. The decision is also reported to stay until June of this budget year. Do you think this decision helps to bring about a healthy economic performance?

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Should teff be replaced by cassava?

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Tuesday appeared before Parliament where he recommended a recipe opting to reduce the over dependency Ethiopians have on Teff. His comment came in the face of the ever hiking price of teff that is eventually making the grain unaffordable for many.
He also emphasized that the nutritional value one gets when eating injera [a sour pancake made from teff] alongside other food items ought to be the feeding habit of Ethiopians.
Historically, Ethiopians and teff are considered to be inseparable couples. However, according to pundits, while it is the preferred grain in making injera, its availability is limited by its high cost. Teff is currently the most expensive grain to purchase in Ethiopia as it requires labor-intensive harvesting and processing techniques, and produces especially low yields. Although teff covers the greatest land space in Ethiopia, it has the lowest yield per hectare, an average of 910kg/ha.
In line with this fact, do you think the Prime Minister’s comment has come at the right time?
Do you think that it is acceptable for Ethiopians to shift from Teff to other food items? How much important is to adapt a new feeding habit?

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Do you think Hailemariam’s administration should tinker with the legacy of his predecessor?

Now that Hailemariam Desalegn has been sworn in as Prime Minister of Ethiopia, his administration faces a host of daunting challenges. Hailemariam has announced that there will be no changes in policy and strategy that he inherited from the late Meles Zenawi.

In a speech Hailemariam delivered after he was sworn in he said that Ethiopia would remain a stable and democratic nation.

However, critics argue that he should contemplate the idea of introducing policy reforms, particularly regarding such contentious issues as press freedom, broadening the political space as well as the anti-terrorism and the civil society legislations, among others.

Do you think Hailemariam’s administration should tinker with the legacy of his predecessor?

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